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Tue 11 April 2017


Hello World

I have been dreading this day for years; The day I cave in and finally enter into the world of 'blogging'. Not that I have anything against the practice. On the contrary, I find many blogs to be useful and enjoyable reads. It is more that I have doubts that anything I write will be found useful or enjoyable. Self-doubt is a monster. It can, and will, keep you from achieving your best if you allow it to. So here is me taking my own advice and accepting the red pill.

It is customary in the programing world when writing your first program in a new language, to write a 'Hello World' application. In that tradition, many technically savvy blog writers have adopted the practice by writing a 'Hello World' post as a method of introducing their blog to the world. Far be it from me to break that convention.

Hello World.

Brace yourself, for an adventure lies ahead of us.

I will dedicate this blog to everything and nothing in particular. There will be posts on all things I find to be of interest. Certainly expect to find some insights into the life of a software engineer, but also the musings of a would be philosopher, the trials and tribulations of a gear head, the frustrations of a piss poor musician, and of course the joyous revelry of a geek for all things nerdy.

Comments are welcome honest and otherwise, but trolls are forewarned: If you don't play nice, neither will I.


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