Justin Wood


Software Engineer III – Rackspace Jan 2017 → Current

Technologies: python, docker, amazon­web­services, javacript, saml, flask, linux, ansible, chef, git

Building Rackspace's new unified login. Including seamless account linking, federated identity, and cross cloud persistence.

Web Developer – Feb 2016 → Dec 2016

Technologies: python, php, javascript, linux, git, rabbitmq, mysql

Designed and implemented a quote testing and verification system for validating pricing on travel insurance to cover all possible values for a dynamic set of variables across disparate vendor data sets and recursively dependent rules.

Senior Software Engineer – Pixability Jul 2015 → Nov 2015

Technologies: python, pyramid, docker, amazon­web­services, fleet, etcd, coreos, git, mysql, celery

In my short time at Pixability, I researched, architected, developed, and deployed an entirely new service stack. Built on the microservice paradigm, and utilizing RESTful architecture, we were been able to start gradually pulling out services from our legacy application and reimplementing them in a fault tolerant, scalable, and reusable way. My development responsibilities in regards to this project spaned the full breadth of my technical experience. Everything from research, to architectural planning, to application coding, full system and network configuration, continuous integration development, and of course debugging. A brief listing of technologies which had to be implemented, configured, and integrated for this project includes: Python, Pyramid, Docker, Fleet, CoreOS, Etcd, EC2, Route53, ELB, RDS, Mysql, Alembic, IPTables, Git, Jenkins, and Bash among others.

Software Developer – Blue State Digital Jun 2014 → Jun 2015

Technologies: php, css, javascript, jquery, mysql, laravel

As a software developer at BSD, I was a member of a team who were resposible for the development and maintenance of the BSDTools, a social engagement platform which powers everything from high profile brand and non profit marketing, to digital fundraising for winning presidential campaigns. My daily tasks involved everything from debugging framework modules to buildinging new features.

Software Developer – ZYNC Inc Aug 2012 → May 2014

Technologies: python, php, linux, javascript, java, html, css, vim, amazon­ec2, apache, mysql, nosql

ZYNC has been acquired by Google, and is being deployed on the Google Compute engine

ZYNC brings the power of the cloud to VFX rendering. As one of only two on the development team, I was responsible for envisioning, creating, and implementing full stack solutions to highly complex problems. Leveraging cloud assets from Amazon EC2 as well as OpenStack providers to build a heterogeneous mesh of resources that met our processing demands, in which we would customarily jump from 6 nodes to 400 or more several times a day, all while ensuring stability and redundancy. Couple this with the need for absolute security while handling media assets for everything from major motion pictures to triple­ A game titles, and you have all the makings of major engineering challenges. Conquering those challenges is what kept me coming to the office every day.

Achievements of which I am proud

  1. Engineered the entire asset usage and billing system from the ground up.
  2. Designed and developed universal metrics reporting and analysis toolset for AWS EC2 usage and internal licensing.
  3. Automated recurring maintenance and billing tasks, freeing up manpower for development taks.

Software Developer – Advisen LTD Mar 2011 → Aug 2012

Technologies: python, mysql, javascript, clarion, html, apache2, linux, redhat, debian, plsql, oracle11g

As software developer and Linux system administrator at Advisen LTD I was primarily tasked with developing and maintaining the in­house ETL suite that is used for all data ingestion and processing. It handles upwards of a hundred and fifty complicated ETL jobs a day, across several multi­architecture environments. The system I was responsible for bridges these disparate systems under one unified processing and reporting framework. I was the primary developer on the project which is maintained by a small team of three. The other area I was responsible for is Linux system administration. With only a small technical crew, I was the only Linux admin on staff. I maintained a mix of physical and virtual machines, which averaged around thirty servers.

Achievements of which I am proud:

  1. Reduced production time on several projects from between 10% and 500%
  2. Raised overall stability and efficiency while also lowering response time for failures
  3. Designed and incorporated learning algorithm to determine when processes were running late or off schedule. Company's first proactive process monitoring. It was able to completely restructure the way ETL jobs are monitored and now allows for catching and fixing problems before they get to be catastrophic.
  4. Implemented multi­point email gateway to alleviate system stress and failures.


B.A. Philosophy, European History – Salve Regina University 2006 → 2010

Philosophy Club President, WSRU Radio Manager and Technical Director, Students for Open Source founder and president.